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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide humanitarian relief and assistance to those in need around the world. We seek to educate and inspire others to nurture virtue, kindness, compassion and joy in selfless giving.

Charity is at the forefront of our mission.  We provide food, clothing, direct financial assistance, and more to those in need around the world.

Holistic alternative healthcare is provided to those experiencing financial hardship.

Education is key.  In addition to helping build and supply reading materials for schools and libraries,  we develop and support educational programs that teach virtue, kindness, compassion and joy in selfless giving.

Our Story

“The Dream of a Servant’s Heart”

Ann Huynh - UAN Founder and President

​Suffering and the desire to be free from suffering are universal. For many people, suffering arises from a lack of basic resources such as food, water, shelter, and healthcare.  Day-to-day survival for so many depends upon the kindness and compassion of fellow human beings who not only recognize and understand their suffering, but more importantly, are inspired and motivated enough to take action.  This recognition and understanding, guided and inspired by examples of mercy, compassion and unconditional love demonstrated by friends, family and spiritual traditions from both the East and the West, have led to the formation of Universal Angels Network (UAN), a nonprofit, humanitarian relief organization.  Although blooming in Austin, Texas, the seed for UAN was sown in the war-ravaged country of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

For Ann Huynh, Austin acupuncturist and traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, intense suffering and distress was a part of everyday life as a young child in North Vietnam during the height of the Vietnam War.  Born Tue Anh Phan in 1964, Ann was separated from her parents in Hanoi in 1966 and relocated to a remote area in the countryside, where she remained under the care of her twelve year-old sister and villagers in the area.  As U.S. involvement in the war escalated, bombing soon engulfed the entire country. Some of Ann’s earliest memories include fearing for her life and those of her older brothers and sisters as they huddled in bomb shelters and walked carefully to school in order to avoid undetonated cluster bombs.  Miraculously, Ann and her siblings were eventually reunited with their parents, having survived seven years of frightful terror, hunger and illness from unsanitary conditions in the rural area.

After the war, a teenage Ann and her family survived a deadly and dangerous boat trip to Hong Kong with over 130 people.  While living in a refugee camp awaiting acceptance for travel to the U.S., Ann worked on a factory assembly line and she began studying conversational English from a book sent by an uncle in the U.S.  Two years later, Ann and her family made their way to Houston, Texas, where despite severe anxiety and culture shock, she graduated high school.  Ann continued her education and eventually enrolled at Texas Health and Science University, where she not only graduated at the top of her class, but she also established an all-time high record for patient treatment, nearly doubling the previous record.  Born into a long line of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, Ann acquired, from an early age, an aptitude and a keen interest in the many aspects of oriental medicine and the art of natural remedies. Ann graduated with Doctor Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is licensed by the Texas Medical Board and certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

“Compassion is born from understanding suffering.”  – Thich Nhat Hanh

Besides the hard lessons learned from the difficult circumstances of her early years, God’s divine plan for Ann has included other teachers who have watered the seeds of compassion, a gift lovingly planted and nurtured by her mother, Lien Phan.   For over 25 years, Ann has followed the guidance and teachings of Master Cheng Yen, founder of Buddhist Tzu Chi Compassion and Relief Foundation, who has shown that true compassion requires concrete action, and that through helping others, we all can activate compassion within ourselves and find inner peace and joy, regardless of our circumstances or painful past.

Charity work is never too late, but never too soon.   Prior to the official formation of UAN, Ann was directly involved with a number of philanthropic projects, including helping organize and raise $25,000 to rebuild homes and shelters for poverty-stricken flood victims in Vietnam.  Ann has inspired friends, family and patients within her care to donate money for the drilling of water wells in some of the poorest areas of India, and to help sponsor orphans, educate children and provide basic care for children and adults with severe mental disabilities.  Additional efforts are focused on medical and other assistance here in the United States for military veterans and victims of domestic abuse.

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UAN Board Members

Founder and President
Ann Huynh, DAOM - Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Practitioner

Vice President
James Rannefeld, CPA - Auditor/Musician/Spiritual Coach

Pam Ragusa – Manager of Administrative Services

UAN Board Committees

Speaker and Chief Advisor
Tom Acklen – Director and Consultant

Development Director
Pat Corbett – Engineer and Consultant

Social Media Director

James Rannefeld, CPA - Auditor/Musician/Spiritual Coach

  • Social Media Advisor
    Rene Huynh – Marketing Manager/Photojournalist

Accounting Director
Keith Murray – CPA and Consultant

Internal Affairs Director
Sue Kidwell – Marketing Manager

    • Deputy Director 
      Lisa Leu – School Food Services
    • Internal Affairs Advisors
      Marian Roberson – Self-employed
      Charla Jones – Veterinarian
      Betty Gallegos – Accountant
      Valerie Chaussonnet – French Teacher/Artist
      Sima Vafaee

John Naftanel – Self-employed

Charity Director
Kiet Huynh – Engineer and

  • Charity Deputy Director
    Johanna M. Fabregas, Ph.D

Health Director
Dr. Robina Poonawala, M.D

  • Health Deputy Director 
    Ann Huynh, DAOM
  • Health Advisor 
    Dr. Catherine Browne, DO

Education Director
Ha Phan, Ph.D – Education
Research Scientist

  • Education Advisors
    Theresa Jimenez – Educator
    Angela Frageman – Elementary School Principal Assistant

Legal Affairs Director
Ilan Levin – Attorney

Youth Group Development Director
Ricky Huynh – College Student

  • Deputy Director (San Antonio)
       Tiffany Phan  – Medical Student
  • Deputy Director (Houston)
       Hanh Bui  – Medical Student

UAN Chapter Directors

 Cam P. Bui - School Food Services

  • Deputy Directors:

                         Son P. Phan - Food Service Manager

                        Jennifer Phan - Office Administration

New York
Cam Truong - Self-employed

Maryland and Pennsylvania
Amanda Yen Tran - Self-employed

New Hampshire
Tdyta Szymko - Clinical Research Associate