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Angels in Training

Angels in Training

Imagine a world filled with leaders who learned at a young age the importance of service to others.  A world where anti-depressants and video games aren't needed to feel happy. 

In this world, people are glad to help each other.  It feels natural to help because everyone has had years of practice. Helping others does not feel like a burden.  It is just part of who we are.

We are ALL "Angels in Training."  Life on Earth is one big classroom where souls face our biggest lesson:  learning how to love.

In today's materialistic society, our youngest angels face struggles that parents, teachers, and other caregivers often miss.  Distracted by technology and schedules packed with activities, many children quietly suffer from feelings of worthlessness, emptiness, social isolation, and depression. Popular culture values athletic ability, social status, and “things” over having a kind, caring heart. Teen suicide rates have reached all-time high numbers, with parents, teachers, and mental health counselors all struggling to come up with solutions.  

It’s heartbreaking. We must pay attention and take whatever steps are necessary to properly care for our children. 

Solving these problems won't be easy and won't happen overnight.

But, would you be surprised to learn that there is an inexpensive, safe, and natural way for kids to feel better about themselves?

Could there be an activity that brings joyful feelings to those who participate?


And that activity is:

Helping others.

Scientific studies show that people experience a “helpers high” when performing good deeds.  Even small acts of kindness improve our sense of well-being, providing feelings of enhanced optimism and self-worth. 

Put simply, helping others helps us.

Child development experts stress how fundamentally important the first five years are to the future well-being of a child.  Diligent parents do their best to provide for their children’s basic needs like proper nutrition, health care, and education, but in our fast-paced modern society, teaching them about love, compassion, and caring for others often is ignored or placed on the back burner.   The longer parents wait to begin teaching the concept of sharing and giving to others, the harder it is to overcome the self-centered tendencies that come during the teen years.

To help, Universal Angels Network is pleased to offer the ANGEL BANK, a compassion teaching aid.  

Every penny collected in the ANGEL BANK will help buy necessities for children in poor, remote regions around the world.  However,  the amount of money raised is not important. What's important is providing an opportunity for your child to learn how to care about the well-being of others.  

Your angel in training will be able to see how they have improved another child’s life through pictures and letters from those that receive the benefits.  Please browse our website to get an idea of who we help. 

We invite parents to be creative in coming up with fun ways to help their children fill the ANGEL BANK.  Whether offering payment for chores, having a bake sale, giving a portion of their allowance, or finding spare change in the sofa cushions, the idea isn’t how much we give, but how much LOVE we put into giving. 

The world desperately needs more kindness and compassion. 

Our future depends on it.

Get yours now...

Email us for instructions on how to pick up your Angel Bank.

Deposit in the Angel Bank

If dropping off your Angel Bank collections in person is inconvenient, you can submit them electronically via Paypal or Credit Card.