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Give Water, Give Life – UAN in India

Water; the universal solvent to the chemist. But to most folks, it is the sustainer of life. And, to most folks in America, water is by nature a plentiful commodity; even during drought conditions do you go thirsty? At best we are slightly inconvenienced with a lawn that is a bit dry. Water is at the tap ready for its use to serve our every need. Half way around the world in India, that is not necessarily the case. The people in many villages in far reaching remote areas live off streams, rivers, and rain water collected by hand for personal use. The environment itself can contaminate these sources of water, which is not good for human existence.

Universal Angels Network, UAN, has completed numerous fresh water, hand pump type wells in India recently (please see pictures below) illustrating the use of our donations and the people we serve. As a member of UAN, we may never meet any of these village folk, but I can assure you that we have touched every heart there by the thousands. This good work not only gives fresh water for drinking and growing food, but this water goes much further. Personal hygiene in these villages is less than desirable considering the lack of such basic needs. With better personal hygiene, children and adults will be less susceptible to disease, simply by having the ability to wash their hands and food products in clean water. Something we take for granted in our busy lives. Cross contamination through personal contact is a major contributor in turning a localized disease into a pandemic. Will it stop such threats on humanity? No, but education, coupled with lessons in personal hygiene, can certainly slow such ravages on humanity. It is these baby steps of improving people’s lives from survival into thriving, healthy communities.

Hope is something that can be a distant emotion in a person struggling for survival. Our presence through our contributions and those representatives of UAN working among the people of these villages give hope. When UAN drills a water wells in a village and then gathers the community around to demonstrate the functioning well by pumping fresh water, it surely evokes an emotion of hope and love among everyone presence. Perhaps to you or me it would only be a crude and somewhat antiquated technology. But to people that have never had such technology, it can only be an epiphany in hope for better days to come.

Having this abundance created in these communities also takes one worry off the plate for the people living here. I would not pretend to know what it is like to live day-to-day wondering where my next meal is coming from or if my child will survive the environment they all live in. But I do know that providing them fresh drinking water is a huge impact on these simple lives. In some ways it could mean the difference between life and death.

Many of you have given to this specific project and to the service of UAN without any expectations or caveat. You have given from the heart with compassion for those less fortunate than us with the only expectation of serving humanity in some simple but necessary way. I think it is important for all of us to contemplate the real impact your efforts have made here. You should be proud that UAN is one organization doing simple things for simple folks while making the world a better place. Let what you take for granted be a gift to the world and the good people in it.


Pat Corbett - Author and UAN Member


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